Step 1: Integrate your website

You have 3 options for integrating your website to Unify:

Javascript Snippet

Install the Unify JavaScript tag directly on your website. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Website Tag to find your tag


Follow instructions here to integrate your website via Segment

Typically this integration is owned by engineering or marketing.

Step 2: Turn on website intent data

Turn on website intent data so that you start revealing the companies behind anonymous website traffic. In Unify you can leverage one of these approaches:

  1. Unify Intent (Powered by 6sense): get access to intent data at Settings > Unify intent through just a couple button clicks
  2. Clearbit Reveal: connect your existing account to leverage Clearbit Reveal data in Unify
  3. 6sense: connect your existing account to leverage 6sense data in Unify

See here for our support doc on how to turn on intent data.

Step 3: Integrate your CRM

Please follow the complete guide here to integrate your Salesforce instance. A summary of the process:

  1. Pick integration user strategy
  2. Create Unify Tag field on Lead, Contact and Account objects
  3. Link Salesforce via Unify Settings Page
  4. Create field mapping between Salesforce and Unify objects
  5. Enable writing records to Salesforce, and choose Lead or Contact/Account data model

Typically this integration is owned by a sales leader or sales / revenue operations.

⚡ Our Hubspot integration will be coming soon - if you’d like to be notified when this is released let us know at

Step 4: Build your first audience

Audiences in Unify are lists of companies and/or people, similar to a Salesforce report. Use them to build lists based on Salesforce data, website intent data, and more. Please see our guide to using audiences here.

Step 5: Run your first playbook

Playbooks in Unify is a way to perform actions on your audiences. Use them to sync companies and/or people to Salesforce, add them to sequences (coming soon), and more. Please see our guide to running playbooks here.