Mailbox registration and ownership

Once your domain is verified and activated you can start setting up mailboxes in Unify. When setting up a mailbox you will choose the email address (e.g. and which Unify user owns the email.

Sending emails

Through the Unify Sequencing product you will be able to send emails using your Unify managed mailboxes. The email signature and display name will be pulled from the owning user. Unify will automatically schedule your emails and manage the sending volume across your mailboxes.

Receiving emails

Replies to will be forwarded to the user that owns the mailbox. For example, email replies sent to the Unify managed mailbox will be forwarded to Jane Doe's primary email

Mailbox warmup

When a mailbox is created we will automatically start warming the mailbox to ensure high deliverability. Warming works by automatically sending emails to emails in a “warming network”. These emails will be automatically opened and replied to. If the warming emails land in the spam folder they will be taken out of the spam folder (a so called “spam rescue”). This tells the email service providers that your emails are high-quality and thus your deliverability improves. We continuously monitor the warmup process and after 3 weeks it will complete and your mailboxes will be ready to send.

Secondary forward

There are situations (such as vacation cover) where you need a second user to monitor an inbox of another user. You can set up a “Secondary forward” user. This user will receive a copy of all the replies sent to the mailbox. For example, if John Doe is helping Jane Doe out during her vacation, all emails sent to will be forwarded to (John’s primary email).

How to set up Unify Managed Mailboxes

Make sure that you have finished the domain registration before attempting to add mailboxes.

  1. Navigate to the mailbox settings page
  1. Click New Mailbox
  1. Select Unify Managed Mailbox
  1. Add the user(s) to assign the mailboxes to. Note that replies will be forwarded to the user’s primary email and that the email display name and signature will be pulled from the owning user’s name.
  1. Choose the email username and domain.
  2. Press Create

You will now see your mailboxes on the mailbox overview page. These mailboxes will warm for 3 weeks. Once they are warm they will display the status “Warmed” and you will be able to use them to send emails.