Inserting Variables

You can insert template variables into emails you write when creating sequences in Unify. To open the template variable dropdown, click on the template variable button in the sequence builder:


You can also press { on your keyboard to open the template variable dropdown. Once open, you can select a variable and insert it into your email:


And that’s it! When a person is enrolled in this sequence, this value will be filled in dynamically.

Handling Missing Data

Sometimes, Unify won’t have data to populate variables used in a sequence email. In these cases, Unify will never send an email with a placeholder or missing value. Instead, Unify will block the sequence enrollment.

You can see blocked enrollments on the sequence details page:


You can click on the enrollment to edit the message and manually fill in the missing values:


The template variables with missing values will appear in orange. Once you’ve replaced the missing values, click Save and the blocked status will disappear:


The step will then be rescheduled and sent automatically as part of the sequence.