Example personas

Here are some of the personas that we care about at Unify:

  1. Sales leaders (CRO, VP of Sales)
  2. Individual sellers (Account Executives, SDR/BDRs)
  3. Marketers (Growth marketing)

Creating a persona

Navigate to the personas tab and click New persona to get started

Persona 1.png

How to create personas:

  1. Use Includes to tell us any job titles that you want to include in this persona
  2. When searching for prospects we do a contains search
    1. If you plug in “vp of sales” as a job title, we will also return “svp of sales” because “vp of sales” is fully contained in it
  3. Excludes is used to prevent returning of prospects that you didn’t expect. A great example is if you find you’re getting interns from Unify, you may want to exclude “intern”

If you have many job titles in a Google Sheet or Excel Sheet, you can copy and paste them directly into Unify. See here for a tutorial.

  1. Click Create persona when you’re done.
Personas 2.png

An example completed persona:


In the playbook flow you’ll now be able to select your personas when prospecting: