For AEs and SDRs, Unify is built to help you:

  1. Understand which companies and people are demonstrating buying intent via website intent data so you know where to focus your efforts
  2. Engage with prospects as quickly and easily as possible by streamlining prospecting

Our goal is to make Unify the single sales engagement platform that powers all of your workflows.

What you can do in Unify

  1. See which companies are demonstrating buying intent on your website
  2. One click access to Salesforce accounts, contacts or leads or LinkedIn
  3. Monitor audiences of high intent companies
  4. Coming soon
    1. Create new accounts, contacts or leads in Salesforce in one click
    2. Prospect for new people in one click

See companies demonstrating buying intent on your website

See details about revealed visitors like page views, browsing time and session count. Keep a lookout for visits to product pages, pricing page, book a demo page, or any other pages that signal someone might be ready to buy.

One click Salesforce or LinkedIn accesss

Dive into Salesforce Account, Contact or Lead records and LinkedIn profiles in one click

Monitor high intent audiences

Typically sales leaders or revenue or sales operations will create audiences for sellers. You can access audiences here.

We recommend that you create audiences to access valuable pockets of intent data that you want to come back to. This makes it fast and easy to quickly focus on the companies that are great prospecting opportunities. Example audiences:

  1. Your owned accounts that have recent website activity
  2. Companies visiting high intent pages (e.g., pricing or book a demo), but haven’t booked a demo or signed up
  3. Companies that come to the website immediately after receiving a sales activity (email or call)
  4. Companies that return to the website 30+ days after sales activity (there’s potential to re-engage)
  5. Companies with a closed lost opportunity that have returned to the website (there’s potential to re-engage)

Example audience of companies that visited in the past 7 days.