Buyer intent data is at the core of what makes Unify tick. For this reason, it’s important to log “intent analytics events” triggered by users in all of the many places where they can occur.

Analytics Events

Unify Intent Analytics Events can be thought about using the same framework which many other analytics tools use today. There are three primary types of events:

Page Events

e.g. a user visits the Pricing page of your marketing website

Identify Events

e.g. a user logs into your web application with their email address

Track Events

e.g. a user clicks a button to open the Pricing Options modal

Today, Unify supports page and identify analytics events in the browser. The track API is expected to be released in the very near future.

Unify Intent Client

Intent analytics events are logged to Unify with the help of the Unify Intent Client. We provide several methods of using the client. Choose whichever one best suits your use case:

Website Tag

For using the Unify Intent Client on a static marketing website

React Library

For using the Unify Intent Client in a React app

JavaScript Client

For using the Unify Intent Client in some other frontend web application framework

Client Spec

Once the client is installed, you can start using it to log intent data. See the Client Spec for more details on how to use the client.